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Emit ultrasonic and electronic-magnetic wave to repel pests...
Rodelsonix 2-in-1 Pest Control
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Rodelsonix 2-in-1 Pest Control

The Rodelsonix 2-in-1 Pest Repeller is very effective and is economical and safe. Because it is durable, low energy cost, non-chemical and safe for human and pet, it makes an excellent choice for eliminating those pesky critters in your home. Using ultrasonic sound creates a noisy, hostile environment to repel pest, however it is absolutely safe for humans and household animals. Using vibrated magnetic wave repels the pests hiding in your walls. Simply plug this product in any AC outlet near the places where pests are appearing . Red light flashing means that electromagnetic wave is emitting. Green light flashing means that ultrasonic wave is emitting. Unique Haverhill product. Rodelsonix 2-in-1 pest control Item #1019

Haverhills Extended Warranty - add $5.95

Just $34.95
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