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PowerVox VII Accessory Kit
Just $29.95*

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In order to get even more enjoyment and full usefulness out of PowerVox VII™, you may consider the Transmitter/Microphone Accessory Kit for PowerVox VII™, which consists primarily of a microphone/transmitter and a cable package.

With this Transmitter/Microphone Accessory Kit, you can do the following:

You can transmit over distance the audio from stereos, CDs, TVs, Game Players, etc. (Wireless Earphone Function).

You can transmit any sound - speech or anything else - over distance (Wireless Microphone Function).

You can use it to monitor and record telephone calls (Telephone Monitoring Function).

You can use it to play CDs with your portable player through your car radio (CD Transference Function).

You can (with only PowerVox VII™, without the Accessory Kit) record any received sound (Recording Transference Function).

The PowerVox VII™ Transmitter/Microphone Accessory Kit is a splendid complement to the instrument itself. With it, you will get full usefulness from this marvelous instrument.

The cost is only $29.95 (or, buy three PowerVox VII™ Transmitter/Microphone Kits for the price of two - only $59.90). Exclusive Haverhills product. Item #1079

Just $29.95
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