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A spyglass to compliment naval history...
Adm Nelson's Telescope™ (Brass with table tripod)
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The optics of Admiral Nelson's Telescope™ are "25x30" which means 25x magnification and the great light gathering capacity of a 30-mm objective lens. Admiral Nelson's telescope was made of brass. This replica is heavily chrome-plated for extra beauty and protection. The scope comes with a belt-looped vinyl carrying case. For permanent mounting, the scope comes with an extendable table tripod. Item-1069

Our manufacturer has created a near exact replica of the famous scope used by Admiral H. Nelson to monitor the French-Spanish fleet in the battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Nelson?s Telescope measures about five inches in its "collapsed" position and thirteen inches when extended to its full length. Its sharp focusing capability allows you to see beyond your wildest imagination with needle sharpness. Views are twenty-five times larger than the naked eye sees compared to standard binoculars which give you only 6x or 8x magnifications. Heavily chrome-plated to enhance its appearance and to provide protection and durability, the scope comes with a belt-looped vinyl carrying case and an extendible table-top tripod for permanent mounting. If you have every wanted to own a fine telescope without paying an "arm and a leg", Admiral Nelson?s Telescope should be your choice. You?ll receive many years of enjoyment. Item #1010. Out of stock. No longer available.

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Just $59.95
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