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Enjoy Peace and Quiet Wherever you go With...
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Just $59.95
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Eliminate noise on an airplane, the sounds of the city, or the roar of the lawn mower with this patented noise cancellation headset. Enjoy the peace and quite or connect them toyour CD/DVD/MP# player, home stereo, computer or in-flight entertainment system with the in-flight audio adapter and volume control cable included. Enjoy
* Superior noise reduction, practically silences unwanted background noise.
*Exceptional audio performance, with clear crisp reproductionof music and speech while cancelling the background noise
*Collapses for traveling
*Comfortable and light weight
Single detatchable audio cable connects to many portable players or remove cable for cordless noise cancellation.
The noise cancelling headphones have comfortable ear cushions for long term confort and are small and compact when folded for easy transpotation. Pickup a set today and enjoy the silence and the music wherever your travels take you. Item #1026.

Just $59.95
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