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Now drive and talk in comfort and safety, with...
Universal Hands-Free Car Phone Kit™
Just $11.95
UH-FCPK™ requires no installation. It attaches and is ready to operate in a minute. The sophisticated design reduces and virtually eliminates extraneous noises, such as echoes, crackling, and buzzing
Closeout price. Make the danger associated with having your hands on the phone instead of the wheel a thing of the past with this hands-free car kit! This safety minded Universal Hands-Free Car Phone Kit™ offers an automatic reverse for the earphone. With just the push of a button, the cell phone automatically retracts and winds the earphone and attached cord into the phone. You no longer have to deal with a mess of tangled wire when your phone is not in use. This device is kept neat and compact ready for your use when you are.

This Universal Hands-Free Car Phone Kit™ offers an adjustable holder designed for different mobile phones. It attaches to your dash easily with a Velcro strip and with the push of a button you may open the adjustable arm for most size phones. This kit will fit in any vehicle. Just plug it's cord into your cigarette lighter and the attached speaker will broadcast your call to your preferred volume. Now drive in comfort and use your cell phone with ease and safety. While operating with a 12V-24V DC for any car or truck, it also offers an add-on cigarette plug to fit any vehicle. Item #1097.

Just $11.95
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