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Run your electrical devices even without electrical power with the....
400 Watt Power inverter
Just $24.95*

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Inveerters convert low voltage, direct current (DC) to 120 Volt alternating current (AC)

This Power inverter is a super efficient power inverter with the highest surge capability in the industry. This extremely advanced, microprocessor controlled unit runs cooler and more reliably then any in its class. The superior surge capability allows them to start even the most difficult loads, including color televisions, TV/VCR combos, microwaves, refrigeration units, even small air conditioners. Take a long car ride and enjoy your TV, VCR, CD player and other home entertainment devices.

Most automobiles and marine batteries will provide an ample power supply to the inverter for 30-60 minutes even when the enginee is off. The inverter is equiped with a cooling fan which is designed to run continuously while the inverter is operating. It is equiped with an automatic shut down when cooling fan is unable to maintain a cool enough temperatue for safe operation. Item #1092.

Just $24.95
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