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10-Power Hand Microscope™
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10-Power Hand Microscopes™ make outstanding corporate gifts, with screening applied to the rim (in minimum quantities of 250). Each 10-Power Hand Microscope™ comes in its own soft pocket case.

This marvelous magnifier is of a strength not typically found in the local drug store model. Its ability to magnify print by the power of 10 makes the average 2- power magnifier obsolete. This optical device is of such strength that it can be used for viewing the finest of print, as well as assisting in working with the most intricate of tasks such as jewelry and watch making, printing, needlework, and past times such as stamp and bug collecting. The 10-Power Hand Microscope does not have to be limited to hobby users or those working in fields where the finest discernment is a necessity. It is also essential and helpful to those that are visually impaired and have difficulty completing normal tasks in their day. The 10-Power Hand Microscope comes in its own soft pocket case. Unique gift idea. Item #1089. Only $12.95

Just $12.95
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