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LED Mega Spotlight
LED Mega Spotlight
Just $69.95
So bright you won"t miss anything in the dark again!
The LED Mega Spotlight provides you with all the light power you need for any task. The LED light is now one of the most powerful light sources in the world for the lowest amount of power consumption. So, imagine what your garage will look like when you have 25 Ultra Bright LED lights magnified into a single spot. The large battery bin at the base provides not just an abundance of power for hours upon hours of ultra illumination; the battery bin also serves as a weighted based to help keep your Spotlight solidly in one place. Use it in an emergency. Use it on the side of the road. Use it in the back yard for security. Takes 6 D batteries not included. Measurements: 10" x 7.5" x 11.5" Weighs: 5.0 lbs

Item No. 1086

Just $69.95
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