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Power this Radio 4-ways with the...
4-Way Dynamo and Solar Radio™
Just $39.95
2 1/2" x Length 5 2/3" x Width 2/3"

4-Way Dynamo and Solar Radio™ is made for the military and features almost indestructible construction. Advanced, high-precision circuitry provides crystal-clear sound. Comes with webbed nylon strap for easy carrying. This radio is FCC approved.
Closeout price. No matter where you are in this world you can?t be without this fun and nearly indestructible radio originally designed for the military to go anywhere they went. The 4-Way Dynamo and Solar Radio will never allow you to be out of touch with the world. It is powered four ways allowing you to receive information under virtually any conditions. This receiver works through four selectable power sources:
Normal type AA batteries (not included)
DC hook up
Solar Power
Dynamo Handle Power (one to three minutes of hand cranking will give you approximately 15 minutes of radio reception)
This radio offers built-in speakers with outstanding fidelity in the entire AM and FM range. An LED indicator allows for fine tuning of your radio station. Never be without this unique device. You can important information no matter where you are. Item #1085.

Just $39.95
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