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Scoutmaster™ MultiTool
Just $12.95
The workmanship and the materials of the Scoutmaster™ MultiTool are superb, comparable to the finest Swedish tools. The Scoutmaster™ makes a great corporate gift. We are able to imprint your logo and your message for minimum quantities of 500.
There can not be any contingency, anything that needs to be repaired, that cannot be successfully handled with Scoutmaster™ MultiTool. Unfold it and you will have eleven indispensable tools at your fingertips. First, there are the precision needle-nose pliers, with included wire-strippers and sidecutter blades. The handles contain a razor-sharp three-inch knife, spring-loaded scissors, screwdrivers (Phillips and standard), a saw, a file, a ruler, bottle opener, awl, and more. Fold it all together and it makes a neat package, just 5 x 1.5", which fits snugly in its nylon belt-looped case.

You have seen virtually identical tools advertised for $69.95. We import the Scoutmaster™ MultiTool in very large quantities and are therefore able to bring it to you for just $12.95. Solve any problem, do any repair, with Scoutmaster™ MultiTool. You should never leave home without it. Order it today! Scoutmaster™ MultiTool -1082

Just $12.95
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