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Hear what is going on in the world around you 10 times better than you do right now and listen to FM stereo besides with...
PowerVox VII™ (Hearing Mate)
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Height 2 1/2" x Length 2"x Width 1/3"

PowerVox VII™ (Hearing Mate) does for hearing what binoculars do for seeing. It brings everything 10-times closer. PowerVox VII™ is not a medical hearing device. It is a way for you to experience the world of sound around you--and to enjoy outstanding FM stereo reception.

Would you like to increase your present ability to hear the world around you by a factor of 10 times? PowerVox VII (Hearing Mate) is a truly amazing assisted hearing device that amplifies sound up to 10 times the actual level. Set the control to "Low" initially and then work your way up to a level that allows you hear everything you want to when you want to. You will be able to hear television, the movies, and the theater without any trouble, and every little sound in your surroundings. Just plug the small earphones into the PowerVox and adjust the amplification level and you are ready to go. Take a walk in nature and listen to the beautiful sounds of the birds, and other small animals. Talk to your spouse, children and grandchildren and be able to hear them talk back to you. Tired of listening to the world or to people? Simple push the blue button and you will scan your choices of the FM stations in your area, in truly marvelous stereo fidelity. PowerVox VII (Hearing Mate) comes with belt/pocket clip, earphones and two AAA batteries included. Another exclusive Haverhills product. Item #1076.

Just $39.95
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