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Does this Asian model outperform famous European luxury pens?
Fujiyama 2™ Ceramic Pen
Just $44.95*

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Fujiyama 2™ Ceramic Pen is arguably the best-looking pen ever, regardless of price. It writes like a charm. Some have called it "the ultimate writing machine". Here are some of the quality features of this outstanding pen:
* Hi-lacquer resin over brass shell -virtually indestructible.
* Sleek, streamlined design.
* Gunmetal-slate mirror finish.
* 18-kt. gold-plated accents.
* Large-capacity German-made state-of-the-art cartridge with high-speed precision writing tip.
* Two extra cartridges included.
* Exclusive, newly-designed cushioned TurboGrip™ lets you write for hours without tiring.
* In de-luxe presentation case.

We have sold over 150,000 of these pens. People love it! Fathers Day gift idea. You will too!
Fujiyama 2™ Ceramic Pen #1049. Dozen Ink refills #1015 Black, #1024 Blue, $24.95
Medium Tip.

Just $44.95
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