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Never let a dead car battery stall you again?
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Improved on the ever popular Car Starter III

The new and improved Car Starter IV is a portable power source that will charge your car battery to working power fast and easily, even in extreme hot/cold temperatures, just by plugging it into your cigarette lighter. LED lights indicate when your battery is fully charged. After use, you can recharge the unit again, right through that same cigarette lighter or thru an AC Adapter right in your own home. The new and improved version has a Lead Acid battery inside, just like your car battery, versus the old Alkaline battery in earlier models. Car Starter IV has a patented turbo circuit able to recharge (23-24V) car batteries even if that battery might be aging. The Car Starter IV will remain charged for six months without use and can be recharged over 200 times.

Car Starter IV is Easy, Safe and Convenient when charging a car battery. No need to use Alligator clips and black/red cable wire connection to the car battery. It avoids misconnections and is a secure means of charging your battery. Car Starter IV has important, unique features, such as automatic circuit protection for over voltage, under voltage, over current or under current to protect the Lead Acid battery inside.

The Car Starter IV can also be used as a 12-volt emergency power source. In an emergency situation, this unit is capable of powering most 12-volt appliances equipped with a center pin positive cigarette lighter socket such as small TV sets, portable refrigerators, cellular phones, camcorders and much more. Keep it in the glove compartment of your car. Never worry about a dead battery and the safety of your loved ones ever again!Item #1037

Just $29.95
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