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Hearing Mate Open Ear.
Just $599.95
Hearing Mate Open Ear.
As we age our ability to hear diminishes. It is not a disease, or an illness,
it is just a fact of life. Two things make our hearing difficulties particularly troublesome. The first is that the vast majority of us lose hearing in the range of speech sounds, understanding conversation becomes difficult if not impossible. The second is the high cost of hearing help.

Hearing Mate Open Ear, HMOE, addresses both of these problems. HMOE amplifies speech sounds while leaving the ear open to natural ambient sounds. No fitting, office visits, examines or testing is required, keeping the cost as low as possible. The electronics are behind the ear and a practically invisible, a soft tube carries the sound to the ear. Your ear is not plugged. The HMOE amplifies speech sounds while preserving the characteristics of natural hearing.Item # 1013.

• Excellent voice range amplification
• Completely digital
• Feedback suppression
• Noise suppression
• 3 Memories - push button select
Normal, Moderate noise and High noise environments
• Does not plug your ear
• Small case fits behind the ear
• Volume wheel
• Wear with soft canal tips or without
• Practically invisible in your ear
• Very comfortable to wear
• Easy to use for 1st timers
• Great for dinner conversation
• Long life size 13 battery
• Use with telephone

Just $599.95
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