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Keep burrowing rodents out of your lawn and garden with the...
Solar Mole Pest Repeller
Just $16.95
This state-of-the-art solar-powered Mole repeller humanely drives burrowing pests from your yard using sonic sound. By driving the 12" aluminum tube into the ground where the solar panel can receive sunlight, you will activate the sonic tone every 30 seconds to drive rodents away. No gas, traps or poison required-just the good old light of day for continuous operation day and night.

The Pest Repeller employs the same technology as the worlds weather satellites. The NiMH battery pack charges hundreds of times and works effectively even in winter and overcast days. The Pest Repeller is fully automatic and requires no assembly or wiring. It works continuously day and night at low cost and with little or no maintenance. 14" high; 6" diameter. Keep rodents out of your yard from now on with the Solar Mole Repeller. Item #1009.

Just $16.95
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