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The Sound Device 003 is a 100% digital unit with 4 channels and 3 pre-set memories, features normally found on units costing many thousands of dollars.
Just $449.95
100% Digital
SD003 is the highest quality, most affordable, true digital amplifier on the market. It is only $449.95. We can do this because we program every amplifier to help with the hearing loss experience by the vast majority. The SD003 has 4 channels so we can adjust for the wide range of noises most often encountered. You hear the sounds you want to hear while minimizing the background noise, and those sounds are crisp, clean and clear. Each and every unit is the same, there is no fitting or adjustments, and therefore we are able to sell to you at a lower price.
The SD003 features three pre-set memories. A simple push of the memory select button allows you to activate Memory 1 for normal environments, Memory 2 for loud/noisy situations and Memory 3 provides a significant boost when you just need a bit more volume to hear those soft sounds like whispers.

 The SD003 is a one-size-fits-most item. The SD003features an inner flexible soft shell that adapts to the shape of your ear canal for a fit that is tight and comfortable. In fact, most people forget they are wearing it!

 At the tip is a swiveling wax guard that protects the electronics and makes cleaning quick and easy.

 SD003 has an easy-to-use volume control wheel, turn it up when you need a little extra help and turn it down when things get a little too noisy.

SD003 -- The affordable alternative to expensive digital hearing aids. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply return it for a refund.I f not purchasing two, please indicate Left or Right Ear.

Item No. 1006 $449.95
Shipping and Handling $19.95

Just $449.95
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