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Voyager™ Fountain Pen
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The 2-tone nib of the Voyager™ is 18-kt. gold-plated, with a silk-smooth iridium tip.

The Voyager Fountain Pen is a luxurious writing tool in both its appearance and pen quality. Light for holding, its 2-tone nib is 18 kt gold plated with a smooth iridium point. No finer fountain pen exists in the United States that is equal in quality to this pen. Just as the most expensive fountain pens, the Voyager is beautifully decorated with gold plated applications and pocket clip. The best quality held by the Voyager Fountain Pen though is its price. Compared to a luxury fountain pen this Fountain Pen is a value beyond belief-only $49.95 compared to $150-$350 for an equivalent European luxury fountain pen. The Voyager Fountain Pen comes with a dual ink supply with piston converter and ink cartridges. Two cartridges are included with the pen.Item #1001.

Just $49.95
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