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Punching Ball Set
Punching Ball Set
Just $59.95
Knock out calories with theā€¦
The boxing world uses punching balls as their training regimen. Now you can too! Get a complete aerobic workout and strengthen /quicken your reflex muscles. The punching ball set is suitable for aerobic exercise, improving hand-eye coordination, and developing reflex muscle quickness. This portable bag can also be used by kids to try out their latest martial arts moves. The flexible boxing post is designed for multiple jabs and defensive dodging. It is lightweight for easy transportability. Keep it anywhere. The sand or water fillable base keeps the set stable while you hit away. The inflatable ball lets you box bare-fisted or with gloves. Boxing gloves are included.

Measures 4" height
Weight 9 lbs
Item # 1115

Just $59.95
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