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Needle-free electrolysis at the touch of a button with the...
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At lasts a painless solution for hair removal-the ePen. This unique product for hair removal is needle-free without the pain, pitting and scarring that are the common side effects of needle electrolysis. And it can be used safely and effectively on all skin types. The ePen allows many hairs to be treated simultaneously or individual hairs singularly. All types of hair can be effectively removed forever with the proper and repeated effects of the ePen.

By applying conductive gel to treatment area, thru the cotton bud holder on the ePen, you can remove hair with small pulses of completely safe electrical energy that pass through to the hair follicle.

The product has many advanced features, which include skin-sensor, automatic timer/buzzer, and LED indicator lights. Front of hand-held unit has an adjustable head to ensure comfortable position when using cotton bud treatment on face - ideal for treating unwanted facial hair including eyebrows and upper lip. The ePen also allows for treatment in the "patch-mode" ideal for upper lip, body, leg and bikini areas.

Remove unwanted hair potentially forever with the ePen!Item 1021.

Haverhills Extended Warranty - add $8.95

Just $29.95
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