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Infiniton C1 - The world"s most efficient portable light!
Infiniton C1 Flashlight
Just $29.95
Infiniton C1 - The world"s most efficient portable light!
Bright, smart, precise. The Infiniton sets new standards for professional portable lighting. The most efficient flashlight made today!!!

This technology will change the world as we know it today. LEDs like those used in the Infiniton C1 also improve the quality of light in your life. They produce more natural light than the yellow glow of old fashioned light bulbs. You never change the bulbs on a Lightwave flashlight. Lightwave LEDs burn for thousands of hours in continuous use. That"s longer than you would ever use them in a flashlight. Never change a bulb again.

INFINITON™C1 has 1 Hi-Flux LED. Uses 3 C-cell size batteries. More than 7 hours of battery life in a flat output curve. Approximately 30 lumens light output.
Hourly operating cost: $0.004 with NiMH batteries, $0.53 with alkaline batteries. Item #1117.

Just $29.95
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