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Like having the range of a telescope in the palm of your hand. Own the most powerful compact binoculars available in the U.S.
Super Zoom Binoculars 20 to 125x Zoom
Just $149.95
Super Zoom Binoculars 20 to 125x Zoom
Manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the industry, our Cstar super high powered 20 to 125 x 27mm variable zoom binoculars have a viewing distance greater than any other on the market. These are the only compact binoculars available in the U.S. that get you 125 times closer to your subject. Advanced processing techniques were used to create multi-layer, coated lenses, for extra-bright viewing, balanced magnification and wide field of view. Cstar's high-powered lenses are precision crafted in Japan with the most advanced optical machines in the world. Track animals in the wild, see the coach's play-book from the nosebleed seats or watch birds from your backyard. Precision crafted Bk-4 Porro Prism lets you zoom in on the action, providing clear, sharp images.

The Ultra lightweight outer shell is crafted out of the same high impact ABS plastic used in the military with an added multi-coat protective finish. Ergonomic design makes them easy to grip and hold steady. Perfect for hunters, mountain climbers, hikers or any adventure seeker. Don't spend hundreds more for larger binoculars with inferior viewing power. When you get binoculars from a company that also manufactures some of the world's most advanced digital microscopes, telescopes and camera lenses, you know you're getting the best on the market. Measures a mere 4" x 4.25" x 1.25". Includes built-in connector for standard tripods, leather neck strap and nylon pouch. Item #1131

Just $149.95
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