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Read the Entire Book with the
EverRest Reading Light
Just $16.95
EverRest Reading Light
The latest in lighting advancements, EverRest Reading Light features an energy efficient LED lamp. The first reading light designed to last an entire book and more on one set of batteries, the EverRest Reading Light Keeps on shining up to 100 hours.

The patented reflector, in combination with the pure white light from the LED, produces well diffused lighting that is easy on the eyes, and evenly lights the entire page. Slide the neck forward to automatically turn on the light. Attach the clip on the light to the cover of the book or to several pages of your book. Pivoting lamp adjusts up or down to direct an even light on your reading surface. An integrated stand on the back of the light allows the lamp to set on a flat surface.

Best yet, never worry about Lamp replacements because this LED lamp is guaranteed to last a lifetime. EverRest Reading Light is the perfect companion for books, the integrated stand turns the light into a convenient table lamp, or use the neck lanyard for hands free illumination It is always the ideal task light. Item #1124

Just $16.95
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