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1051 Hearing Mate Open Ear II
Stylish mini gives you a choice OTE/BTE in a snap....

You get style and options with...
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1013 Hearing Mate Open Ear.
As we age our ability to hear diminishes. It is not a disease, or an illness,
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1080 Orbitor Electronic Listening Device
The Orbitor is powerful enough to capture distant sounds (and voices) from 300 feet away. Viewfinder...
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1079 PowerVox VII Accessory Kit *(A Special Deal Item)
In order to get even more enjoyment and full usefulness out of PowerVox VII™, you may...
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1076 PowerVox VII™ (Hearing Mate) *(A Special Deal Item)
Would you like to increase your present ability to hear the world around you by a...
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1006 SD003
SD003 is the highest quality, most affordable, true digital amplifier on the market. It is only...
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1047 Sound Device 002
The average cost of a hearing aid today is over $1,000 per year! That's alot especially...
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1010 Adm Nelson's Telescope™ (Brass with table tripod)...

Just $59.95