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Vibrating Pill Box
Vibrating Pill Box
Just $31.95
Keep Yourself Healthy and Maintain Your Privacy
Your medicine is your business. The Vibrating Pill Box is unlike most other alarm pillboxes with flashing lights and sirens that let everyone know it is time for your pills. The Vibrating Pill Box allows you to set up to five daily alarms. Have three regular pills? Set three alarms and use the other two to remind you not to eat or to be sure you eat before you have that next pill.

Following medication instructions is important to keep your medicine as effective as possible. The Vibrating Pill Box provides you a discrete method to maintain your regular medication. But there is one more feature that will be useful for anyone on regular medication: a pulse meter. Monitor you heart rate anytime, anywhere. Simply place your finer on the pulse sensor, and within seconds you will know your heart rate. Item 1093.

Measurements: 4.25" x 4.25" x 2" Weighs: 0.1 lbs

Just $31.95
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