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• Accurate to the Second
• Automatically Sets
• Adjusts to daylight savings time

This unique timepiece receives and...
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1160 Digital Travel Alarm Clock *(A Special Deal Item)
The Digital Travel Alarm Clock is a convenient and accurate way to wake up on the...
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1154 Giant-Faced Atomic Clock
It is not only the largest, but the world"s most accurate. The Weather Forecaster is an...
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1036 Radio-Controlled Sports-Watch *(A Special Deal Item)
With the press of a button a fully operational stop watch featuring Start and Finish, Accumulated...
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1144 See-Thru Outdoor Window Thermometer *(A Special Deal Item)
• Displays outdoor temperature with MIN/MAX records
• MIN record resets daily at 8:00 PM
• MAX record...
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1149 Station Master Chime Clock
The stately style of this clock will make an impressive heirloom to give to your children...
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1153 Tambour-style Radio-Controlled Atomic Clock
Make a classy, decorative statement of "time" with the Tambour- Style Atomic Clock. The Tambour Style...
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