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Digital Travel Alarm Clock
Digital Travel Alarm Clock
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Digital Travel Alarm Clock

The Digital Travel Alarm Clock is a convenient and accurate way to wake up on the road. It features:

• Radio controlled time (hour, minute, second)
• Radio controlled date (month, date, year, day)
• Dual time alarm
• Adjustable snooze for alarm
• Folding case for travel use
• Auto-off light (when button is pressed)
• 12 or 24 hour time mode
• US time zones
• US Map for US Time zones

The Digital Travel Alarm clock allows you to never have to set the time and date again by automatically tuning in and adjusting itself to the official time transmitter when you set it out at night through radio frequency. The Digital Travel Alarm Clock is controlled by a radio signal distributed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is the Standard used by the U.S. Naval and Energy Dept. The time is precise to a minuscule fraction of a second. Great gift idea. Item Number 1160.

Just $24.95
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