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Water Your Plants the Easy Way ---with the Plant Watering System
Plant Watering System
Just $29.95
Water Your Plants the Easy Way ---with the Plant Watering System
Waters up to 5 potted plants at one time! The water comes directly from the ceramic cone sensor. The water supply is drawn from the Water Well by means of a thin hose.
This Blooming Masterpiece Combo:
• Automatically Waters your House Plants
• No more dripping water from hanging plants.
• No more overflowing potting soil & water
• Water your plants while you are away
• Saves the hassle of constant watering
• Ideal for hanging baskets

The ceramic sensor cone reacts to the moisture content of the soil surrounding it. If the soil is dry the sensor cone releases the water the plant needs. If the moisture level is sufficient, watering is automatically stopped. No more moving heavy plants to be watered. No more dripping water or overflowing potting soil. Just add your plant food to the water source. This is a great gift for plant lovers.

Item No.1099, $29.95

Just $29.95
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