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A breakthrough in audio technology...
Over-the-Ear Mono/Stereo Earphones™
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Over-the-Ear Mono/Stereo Earphones™ are virtually invisible, feather-light and comfortable. These earphones deliver bell-clear sound and can be used with all of your mono and stereo audio equipment.

Until yesterday, there were only two kinds of earphones: The "standard" that fits over your head. Then there are those "ear buds," little spongy things that you insert in your ear; they are uncomfortable and invariably fall out after only a short while--very annoying. But now come Over-the-Ear Mono/Stereo Earphones™, a real breakthrough in audio technology. They are virtually invisible, totally inconspicuous, just as with the pretty lady you see in the picture. And they are feather-light, weigh virtually nothing. They won't give you a headache and they won't annoy you by falling out. You can wear them all day long without fatigue and practically without anybody noticing them. And, of course, you can use them for both mono and stereo sound equipment.Over-the-Ear Mono/Stereo Earphones™, Item-1066

Just $14.95
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