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Eliminates scale and deposits in water pipes!
Mineral Magnet
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Now you can enjoy healthier skin and hair, sparkling dishes, soft and fluffy laundry, improved houseplants, and better tasting coffee. Mineral Magnet stops scale from forming in fresh water pipes. The strong magnetic field modifies the polarization of mineral salts in fresh water and restricts the formation and build-up of sediments and calcium deposits. Over time, these deposits obstruct flow and efficiency in water pipes, hot
water tanks and hot water furnaces. The Mineral Magnet requires no further service or maintenance after installation and carries a limited five-year warranty.
* Functions without chemical or salts
* Does not alter your water's vital minerals
* Fits all plumbing including PVC up to 1 " diameter
* Can be easily installed by home owner - no tools needed! Enjoy improved water quality today. Mineral Magnet#1083.

Just $34.95
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